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7.2 billion Saudi petrochemical companies earnings within three months.

7.2 billion Saudi petrochemical companies earnings within three months. < The petrochemical sector recorded “» shares listed on the Saudi stock market rise in its net profits during the first quarter of this year, to 7.2 billion reais ($ 1.92 billion) in Exchange for 3.7 billion reais ($ 1.92 billion) for the first quarter of 2016, rising 95 percent, against 4.2 billion reais ($ 1.11 billion) for the previous quarter, an increase of 72 percent, came as a result of higher average selling prices of the products.
And private sector shareholding company 11 was recorded during the first quarter, growth in their profits, which totaled 7.45 billion.In contrast, three companies recorded losses during the first quarter amounted to 249.5 million.
Came the Saudi basic industries Corporation (SABIC) on top of the winning companies on the market and the «PC», net profit for the first quarter amounted to 5.24 billion, representing 70 percent of total corporate profits trump card, compared with 2.9…

Saudi donation to fight cholera in Yemen lauded

Saudi donation to fight cholera in Yemen lauded JEDDAH: International officials praised the recent directive of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to provide $66.7 million to fight the cholera epidemic in Yemen in response to two appeals from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.
British Ambassador to Yemen Simon Shercliff said on his Twitter account that the Saudi crown prince’s generous donation is a great gesture that would provide the necessary funding needed by UNICEF and WHO in Yemen to overcome this miserable situation.
UN Undersecretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien welcomed this important announcement of the Kingdom’s contribution to fight cholera in Yemen, explaining that this donation can produce a great positive impact.
WHO Regional Director Mahmoud Fikri, expressed his thanks to the crown prince for his noble gesture in the field of humanitarian action and his cooperation with the WHO to combat the spread of cholera and reduce its compli…

Extension of Saudi amnesty for illegal residents is welcomed

Extension of Saudi amnesty for illegal residents is welcomed RIYADH: The decision to extend Saudi Arabia’s amnesty for violators of residence and employment regulations has been widely welcomed, as it gives people one more chance to leave the Kingdom without penalty.
The General Directorate of Passports (GDP) on Thursday announced that a 90-day amnesty period, launched on March 29 under the “A Nation Without Violations” campaign, is being extended for another 30 days, effective from June 25.
It applies to people of all nationalities, and allows those staying illegally in the Kingdom to leave voluntarily without facing legal action.
The decision was taken to enforce a national campaign to track and control violators of residence, employment and border-security systems. It gives violators the opportunity to leave the Kingdom at their own expense, while allowing them to return later by legal process.
Mohammed Azizuddin, an Indian businessman and volunteer who helped several illegal worke…

Iraqi forces close in on Daesh redoubt in Mosul

Iraqi forces close in on Daesh redoubt in Mosul MOSUL, Iraq: US-backed Iraqi forces attacked Daesh’s remaining redoubt in Mosul’s Old City on Friday, a day after hailing the end of the insurgents’ self-declared caliphate with the capture of a historic mosque that symbolized their power.
Dozens of civilians, mostly women and children, fled across the frontline toward the troops as bullets whizzed through the air. They were thirsty and tired, and some had been wounded.
Commanders of Iraq’s Counter-terrorism Service (CTS) cautioned that with the mostly non-Iraqi Daesh militants dug in among thousands of civilians and likely to fight to the death, the battle ahead remained challenging.
CTS Maj. Gen. Maan Al-Saadi told Reuters it could take at least four to five days of fighting to capture the last handful of neighborhoods along the banks of the Tigris River, defended by about 200 militants.
“The advance continues to Midan neighborhood,” he said. “Controlling it means we have reached the T…

Daesh counterattack causes fierce clashes in Raqqa

Daesh counterattack causes fierce clashes in Raqqa BEIRUT: Daesh mounted a fierce counterattack against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance of militias in the city of Raqqa on Friday, but there were divergent accounts of its success in regaining ground.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based war monitor, said the group had managed to regain control over most of Raqqa’s industrial district, but the SDF said fighting was limited to the edges of that area and the attack was repelled.
West of Raqqa, the Syrian army advanced on Friday, driving the group from its last territory in Aleppo province in a move that relieves pressure on an important regime supply route, a Syrian military source said.
The SDF, a US-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab groups, took the industrial district this month in its biggest gain so far in Daesh’s de facto Syrian capital of Raqqa.
It said on Friday heavy clashes had taken place since late Thursday in east Raqqa, where the industrial …

India launches new single nationwide tax

India launches new single nationwide tax India’s Parliament held a special midnight session Friday to introduce a new single nationwide tax, replacing a complicated mix of state and federal taxes that will change the cost of nearly everything people buy.India’s president and the prime minister pressed a button heralding the major overhaul of the taxation system — known as the single Goods and Services Tax — from July 1.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a speech that the new system would eliminate 500 types of taxes in favor of one tax across the country, a catalyst that would remove trade imbalance and promote exports.“GST is a simple, transparent system which prevents generation of blackmoney and curbs corruption. The system gives opportunity to honesty and people who do honest business,” he said.The main opposition Congress and some other parties boycotted the midnight ceremony, arguing that nearly 7 million traders needed more time to prepare for the new system as they would be …

US state allows college students, teachers to carry guns

US state allows college students, teachers to carry guns CHICAGO: Students and professors will be legally allowed to carry concealed handguns onto college campuses starting Saturday in the US state of Kansas.The concealed carry law was enacted four years ago and applied to all public buildings, but colleges in the Midwestern state were exempted until July of this year.The law is the latest in a series of state legislative efforts around the country to address the issue of campus safety from potential shooters.Some approaches tightened restrictions on guns while others made them more available with the goal of allowing potential targets of gun violence to defend themselves with their own weapons.Kansas is joining Arkansas, Georgia and other states with laws that allow students and faculty to carry guns on college campuses. California and South Carolina are among 16 states that ban the practice.The Kansas law would still let universities ban concealed guns, but only if they provide stud…

Gunman dead after opening fire in New York hospital

Gunman dead after opening fire in New York hospital NEW YORK: A gunman who opened fire inside a hospital in the Bronx borough of New York on Friday, injuring several people, is dead, a police spokesman told.“The shooter is deceased,” the spokesman said, adding that he died at the scene of the incident, at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital north of Manhattan.He did not specify how the shooter died, how many people were hurt in the incident, or the seriousness of their injuries.Police earlier said that “multiple people were shot” in the incident, which broke out at around 3 pm (1900 GMT).Several New York media outlets reported that at least two people were injured, while the New York Times said three doctors were hurt.The hospital, a 1,000-bed facility in a busy sector of the city´s north, was encircled by police following the incident.Fox News reported that the gunman was a former hospital employee.Police, who have not confirmed the shooter´s identity, were due to hold a press conference shor…

The Declaration of a State of emergency in four counties health certificates

The Declaration of a State of emergency in four counties health certificates Eden Spa: Yemen said that its decision to declare a State of emergency in four provinces under their administration in the South was a national necessity to upgrade the public alert, along with the truth to those States and organizations supporting Yemen.And the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement today, the official Saba news agency that the Declaration of a State of emergency in the health sector in the four provinces came after severe diarrhea specialists classified the confirmed cholera through medical tests as a health pandemic which required advertising and telling people and the international community.According to the source, the Declaration of a State of emergency in the health sector with the spread of the disease aims to protect the population and educate them to take precautions.Sourse: kolalwatn.netThe post The Declaration of a State of emergency in four counties health certificates appea…

Source: media trying to publish incorrect stories about the distinctive relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia

Source: media trying to publish incorrect stories about the distinctive relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia Riyadh-Spa: the official media are trying to disseminate false and untrue stories about the distinctive relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia, with the aim of harming relations between the two countries.And between the two source are committed to positive and open dialogue, stressing the need to gather information on relations between the two countries from official media.Sourse: kolalwatn.netThe post Source: media trying to publish incorrect stories about the distinctive relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia appeared first on Daily Saudi Arabia News. http://bit.ly/2utqT2R

Britain: sulfuric acid attack from a radical Muslim student’s face distorts one relatives

Britain: sulfuric acid attack from a radical Muslim student’s face distorts one relatives (Agencies): a Pakistani citizen one relative to burning with acid sulfuric acid in Beckton, East London, after they were attacked by one of the haters, extremists of Muslims.And the attack in Pakistan face deformation requesting risham Khan University of Manchester, which was just starting a career in modeling and was getting ready to celebrate the 21st birthday, and her cousin Mokhtar also sweet.According to British newspaper the mirror, the incident occurred when stopped risham and her cousin when traffic signal, apparently anonymous approached watch with his car, spraying scalding acid from her window open.And cause the acid burned her face and shot her and mutilated her eyes privately, and had her cousin to run on the highway “Porsche water on their faces and burning 45 minutes, all undressed without any ambulances rushed to the hospital.”One association in Britain collecting donations in the…

Germany freezes “drones” deal worth one billion dollars with Israel

Germany freezes “drones” deal worth one billion dollars with Israel Anatolia: the German Government removed from its agenda, consider renting a deal whereby Germany “drones” from Israel, according to Israeli media.And Yediot said Thursday that the deal that they will generate billion us dollars to Israel, canceled because of objections to the use of aircraft in offensive operations and assassinations, and the desire of the German parties relied on intelligence-gathering only.She noted that the subject was removed from the agenda of the German Government yesterday, amid objections showed the coalition parties about offensive capabilities. “The objections to the deal first emerged last week, after the German Parliament members visited the aircraft industries complex in Israel.The newspaper said that members of Parliament expressed their disappointment after discovering that the drones, but exclusively for intelligence gathering, but equipped with assault weapons systems ready.She added:…

Iraq Announces the end of ISIS in Mosul

Iraq Announces the end of ISIS in Mosul Mosul-a said spokesman Iraqi Brigadier Yahia JSOC Messenger said Thursday that the remains of old military regions of Mosul fallen became after the liberation of Iraqi troops walsrgkhanh and zozo2kx area trapping organization ISIS from all directions.The Messenger said, in a statement to the official Iraqi television that Iraqi forces in the army and police and counterterrorism and quick reply since the early morning hours great progress in fighting axes in old Mosul was controlled alsrgkhanh area, “Noori mosque,” and the rest of the old city areas become military concept military besieged plopped all axles ISIS became broke after these victories left little to declare victory. “And he had announced a General Abdel Wahab al-Saadi counterterrorism leaders in Iraq said Thursday that pieces of my fight against terrorism passed collector Nouri and his beacon hunchback currently progress toward the second old downtown district of Al-Farouq.By another…

The world is trying to cope with electronic attack

The world is trying to cope with electronic attack Kiev – AP: try thousands of computer users across the world on Saturday to restart their servers after wave nonfiction attacks began Tuesday in Ukraine and Russia and moved to Western Europe and the United States.Pirates have hampered access information companies and Government agencies including the Chernobyl nuclear demanding payment of $300 for access to these files again.Current virus similar to “wanakray” which spread last month in more than 150 countries and has infected about 200 thousand.But the proliferation of new attack appears smaller than the previous one as estimated “Kaspersky August Russian Cyber Security new attack 2000 device.It was not clear immediately who is behind the attack.Experts: that the attack was caused by a virus “dust” is a modified version of “pernicious” petya annexed to ask for money that struck last year asking his victims pay money in Exchange for putting their data.However, Kaspersky emphasizes tha…

China ´firmly´ opposes US arms sale to Taiwan

China ´firmly´ opposes US arms sale to Taiwan Beijing: China on Friday condemned a $1.3 billion US arms sale to Taiwan and called on the United States to stop any weapons deal with the island, which Beijing considers a rebel province.Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang told a press briefing that Beijing has lodged a formal protest with Washington and urged the US government to “uphold its solemn commitment to the One-China principle”.“Taiwan is an indispensable part of China´s territory and we firmly oppose this arms sale to Taiwan,” Lu said.His comments come after China´s embassy in the United States slammed the sale, saying it was a “wrong move” that would hurt relations between the two countries.“The wrong move of the US side runs counter to the consensus reached by the two presidents in Mar-a-Lago and the positive development momentum of the China-US relationship,” the embassy said.“It will harm the mutual trust and cooperation between China and the US.”Chinese President Xi…

German lawmakers vote to legalize same-sex marriage; Merkel votes no

Hình ảnh
German lawmakers vote to legalize same-sex marriage; Merkel votes no German lawmakers voted by a wide margin to legalize same-sex marriage Friday, a landmark decision which came just days after Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her longstanding opposition to a free vote on the issue.The bill gives homosexual couples in Germany the same rights as heterosexual couples, and will allow same-sex couples to marry and jointly adopt children. It passed by 393 votes to 226, with four abstentions.
The bill is likely to pass through the Bundesrat — Germany’s upper house — next week. The Bundesrat has previously approved legalizing same-sex marriageOnce it has been officially signed into law, Germany will enter the club of more than 20 countries where same-sex marriage is legal.
Two-thirds of Germans said they were in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in a recent YouGov poll.
A crowd of same-sex marriage supporters who waited outside the parliament building as the vote was held cheered in cele…

A day in the life of Venezuelans: Anything but normal

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A day in the life of Venezuelans: Anything but normal A daily struggle has become the new normal for Venezuelans. Economic and political turmoil regularly send thousands into the streets to protest, both for and against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, sometimes with deadly results.More than 75 people have died since the unrest began in the spring. On Tuesday, a police helicopter launched a daring attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court — a dramatic escalation of the months-long crisis engulfing Maduro’s regime.
The helicopter was apparently stolen and piloted by an officer in the country’s investigative police force, Oscar Perez. The attackers fired gunshots and lobbed grenades as the chopper strafed the court building and the Interior Ministry in Caracas, officials said.
Away from the streets, Venezuelans struggle to eke out a living in the face of severe shortages in food, medicine and other basic supplies. Here’s how some lives have been disrupted:
The baker who can’t bak…

Batha customs thwarts smuggling 23 a gunshot and a quantity of liquor

Batha customs thwarts smuggling 23 a gunshot and a quantity of liquor Customs continued to achieve continuous successes in the field of drug control, finally savanna customs foiled three attempts to smuggle a quantity of bullets hit 23 thousand and 250 rounds, in addition to thwart attempts to smuggle a quantity of liquor and amounted to 436 wine bottle.
He explained that the General Manager of Al Batha he presented to Customs vehicles from private passenger led type, while exiting the Customs found that the quantity of bullets hidden in the back seat of the vehicle, with hollowed out and put the tank is set up for the purpose of smuggling and subsequently hide shots inside.
During that second attempt found a 172 wine bottle was hidden in a bunker was equipped in a truck for the purpose of smuggling.264 vintage bottle was found hidden in the fuel tank of a truck, having been set up hidden in inside the tank and put the amount of liquor.Source: Alhayat The post Batha customs thwarts smugg…

Salam Park — a rendezvous for fun in the capital

Salam Park — a rendezvous for fun in the capital RIYADH: Salam Park, located in the heart of the capital, is a rendezvous for residents and visitors to Riyadh during the Eid holidays.
Located south of the Governance Palace on Tariq bin Ziyad Street, it is one of the finest and newest parks in the city. It features a large lake with fairytale lighting and fountains, a range of playgrounds, green spaces and recreational areas.
Previously, the park was a privately owned farm known for its date palms, encompassing a residential estate, various buildings and a mosque more than 70 years old. Due to the strategic location of the farm and the need for parks and open areas, it was expropriated and converted to what has come to be known as Salam Park.
Spread over an area of 312,000 square meters, Salam Park is one of the most popular destinations in Riyadh, especially on weekends when families head there to spend quality time together.
Abdul Cader, who was visiting the park with his daughter an…

Saudi Embassy in Philippines warns against visiting public places

Saudi Embassy in Philippines warns against visiting public places JEDDAH: The Saudi Embassy in Manila on Thursday warned its citizens against visiting public places in the Philippines.
In a statement, it also advised Saudi tourists to take caution when visiting the country.
“Given the current security situation in Marawi (in the southern) Philippines, and the frequent events of other areas in the Philippines and threats by terrorist groups targeting foreign tourists, the embassy recommends that its dear citizens in the Philippines avoid public places, take caution, act calmly and contact the embassy through the emergency number for Saudi affairs,” the statement said.
Baker Atyani, a veteran journalist who has covered militant groups for two decades, said he thinks the advisory is in response to a leaked memo on social media.
“It seems the leaked memo by the Philippines National Police (PNP) that was all over social media last week about an alleged plan by the Maute Group and other Dae…

Iraq sees end to terror group as iconic Mosul mosque is recaptured

Iraq sees end to terror group as iconic Mosul mosque is recaptured JEDDAH/MOSUL: Iraq said Daesh’s “caliphate” was coming to an end three years to the day after it was proclaimed, following the recapture of Mosul’s iconic Al-Nuri Mosque on Thursday.
The terror group announced its “caliphate” on June 29, 2014, across swathes of territory its fighters overran in Iraq and neighboring Syria.
Staff Lt. Gen. Abdulghani Assadi, a senior Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) officer, confirmed the mosque’s recapture.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi hailed it as a sign of Daesh’s impending defeat. “We are seeing the end of the fake Daesh state,” he tweeted.
But Oubai Shahbandar, a Syrian-American analyst and fellow at the New America Foundation’s International Security Program, advised caution before declaring Daesh finished.
“It’s important that we remain cautious and vigilant of efforts by Daesh to transform itself into an underground movement,” he told Arab News. “Daesh maintains long-term a…

Rosaries and rifles: Syria Christians take on Daesh in Raqqa

Rosaries and rifles: Syria Christians take on Daesh in Raqqa RAQQA: An ivory-colored rosary swings from the rearview mirror of Abboud Seryan’s pickup truck as he speeds through Syria’s Raqqa, inspecting the positions of fellow Christian fighters taking on Daesh.
Lively music blasts through the car speakers while the thin 23-year-old, wearing a military-style cap and a revolver tucked into his waist, waves to comrades in the western district of Al-Romaniya.
Daesh was ousted from the neighborhood earlier this month as part of the US-backed offensive to defeat the terrorists in their northern Syrian bastion.
The ground assault is being carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a majority Kurdish and Arab alliance, but dozens of Christians from the Syriac sect have also joined the fight.
“We’re participating in the liberation of Raqqa in the name of all Syrians. There’s no difference between Syriacs, Kurds or Arabs. We’re all brothers,” Seryan says.
The militants “blew up Raqqa’s…

Diplomats: Watchdog concludes sarin was used in Syria attack

Diplomats: Watchdog concludes sarin was used in Syria attack An investigation by the international chemical weapons watchdog has concluded that sarin or a sarin-like substance was used as a chemical weapon in an April 4 attack on a Syrian town that left more than 90 people dead, diplomats said Thursday.The report by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons into the Khan Sheikhoun attack was not publicly released, but two diplomats who saw its contents confirmed the key finding that sarin was used. One of the diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity because the report had not been made public.U.S. envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley issued a written statement expressing confidence in the report, “which confirms what we already knew: chemical weapons were used against the Syrian people.”“Now that we know the undeniable truth, we look forward to an independent investigation to confirm exactly who was responsible for these brutal attacks so we can find justice for the…

ISIS executed the first “key” in Tall Afar, Iraq

ISIS executed the first “key” in Tall Afar, Iraq Organization of ISIS ‘ first “executed” MFT “him in Tall Afar, West of Mosul, on charges of trying to split it up.A local source said in interview for alsumaria news “,” Thursday “, ISIS executed Abu Zakaria, the first key is legitimate in Tal Afar, West of Mosul.After his arrest for more than four months. “The source said on condition of anonymity, that “the execution of Abu Zakariya, a native of the city of Mosul and in the fifth decade of life, because being accused of trying to defect from the organisation and formation of armed wing displayed is flag adverse.”Although Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Thursday, on the end of “mini-state ISIS” in Iraq, the terrorist network militants still control the other areas of the North of the country.Sumerian news source:Inna asalkhanovaThe post ISIS executed the first “key” in Tall Afar, Iraq appeared first on Daily Saudi Arabia News. http://bit.ly/2tvHHdp

Stoltenberg: we will strengthen NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan after 2017

Stoltenberg: we will strengthen NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan after 2017 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that NATO will maintain its military presence in Afghanistan after the year 2017, but will be reinforced.Stoltenberg said at the conclusion of the NATO Defense Ministers ‘ meeting on Afghanistan, Thursday: “we will continue our determined support” after the year 2017 today I can confirm that we will strengthen our presence there. ”He added that Afghan forces received full responsibility for the security situation in the country has allowed NATO to withdraw its troops, which number was more than 100 000 components, go to the current training task which not exceeding 13 thousand.He stressed that the security situation in Afghanistan remains extremely difficult, due to the presence of NATO forces in the country and increase the number of Israeli soldiers there and continued funding of Afghan security forces until 2020.Source: InterfaxInna asalkhanovaThe post Stoltenb…

The liberation of Mosul from ISIS is imminent, US-led coalition says

Hình ảnh
The liberation of Mosul from ISIS is imminent, US-led coalition says Iraqi forces are locked in an intense battle for the final few blocks of western Mosul still under ISIS control.Mosul’s liberation is imminent, but the battle remains “a difficult fight,” with days — rather than weeks — to go, coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon said Thursday from Baghdad, confirming Iraqi forces had seized the remains of an iconic mosque and minaret.
The liberation of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri — where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the ISIS caliphate in 2014 — marks a major stride in the eight-month battle to seize the city, Iraq’s largest metropolis outside Baghdad, from the terrorist group.
A CNN team was on the front line of the battle earlier Thursday with Iraqi units fighting ISIS. At that time, Iraqi forces had not yet captured the remains of the mosque, and a fierce battle was underway.
An Iraqi military spokesman told CNN that Iraqi forces secured the perimeter of the mosque, where ISIS pl…

Eid festivities attract over 2 million visitors in capital

Eid festivities attract over 2 million visitors in capital RIYADH: Riyadh municipality Eid Al-Fitr activities attracted more than 2 million visitors over the three-day holiday.
The municipality succeeded in implementing 160 functions at 30 locations across the city.
Mobile carnivals (vans) with dolls, clowns and acrobats were deployed throughout Eid, reaching people who were not able to attend festival locations. Municipality staff visited patients in hospitals with gifts, flowers and sweets. Activities were also available for persons with special needs.
In Al-Jazirah district, a heritage village was constructed where a number of entertainment and educational events were presented, along with 60 shops prepared for productive families.
In various locations, visitors watched folk dances and stand-up shows, and attended poetry recitations, while carnivals and entertainment with cartoon characters were put on for children in Olaya, Okaz and Nazim parks.
Riyadh municipality organized firew…

«Global health»: cholera outbreak in Yemen on his way to recede

«Global health»: cholera outbreak in Yemen on his way to recede According to the World Health Organization» yesterday (Tuesday), she experienced some decline in the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen over the past week.
She stressed in a press statement that it deals with this very cautiously, especially since so much of people travelling on holiday, what would stop them from going to hospitals, the Saudi News Agency «» (SPA).
News Center of the United Nations FAO’s emergency Advisor Ahmed zouiten saying, “two months after the outbreak of the second wave of cholera in Yemen, skip the number of registered cases of 218 000, but despite the high number of deaths to 1400 case, an average of 0.6 percent, but it has become less acceptable to cholera by one percent.
According to the Organization, it seems that the efforts agreed to as part of the response to cholera began to yield results, especially with the decline in mortality weekly, and more effective population response to cholera…

Al-Dir’iya portrays history in the heart of the capital

Al-Dir’iya portrays history in the heart of the capital RIYADH: The historic city of Al-Dir’iya remains a center of attraction in Riyadh, where foreign VIPs, including US President Donald Trump and other heads of state, are taken to view this ancient capital of the Kingdom.
The founding of the present city began with the arrival of Mani Al-Meredi, an ancestor of the Saudi royal family, in 850 AH/1446 CE. In a short time, Al-Dir’iya became an important station along the trade roads linking the Arabian Peninsula from west to east, in addition to being a way station along the pilgrimage route to Makkah.
Al-Dir’iya emerged as the capital of the first Saudi State, constituting a turning point in the history of the Arabian Peninsula, when young Al-Imam Mohammed bin Saud supported the call of the religious scholar and reformer Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab in 1157 AH/1744CE. It remained the capital of the First Saudi State until Imam Turki bin Abdullah shifted the new headquarters of his governme…

Turkey attacks Kurdish militia, Iraqi militants

Turkey attacks Kurdish militia, Iraqi militants ISTANBUL: Turkish forces retaliated with an artillery barrage overnight and destroyed People’s Protection Units (YPG) targets after the Kurdish militia opened fire on Turkey-backed forces in northern Syria, the military said on Wednesday.
It said Turkish warplanes separately struck Kurdish militants in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing seven fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) group, which Ankara says is closely linked to the YPG.
The strikes came after Turkey’s defense minister warned that Ankara would retaliate against any threatening moves by the YPG and after reports that Turkey was reinforcing its military presence in northern Syria.
The US supports the YPG in the fight against Daesh in Syria, while NATO ally Turkey regards them as terrorists indistinguishable from militants from the outlawed PKK, which is carrying out an insurgency in southeast Turkey.
Turkey’s army said YPG machine-gun fire on Tuesday evening target…

Yemen soldiers killed in suspected Al-Qaeda attack

Yemen soldiers killed in suspected Al-Qaeda attack SANAA: Three Yemeni soldiers were killed on Wednesday when suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen opened fire on a military zone in the country’s Hadramawt province, a military source said.
“Three soldiers were killed in the attack on the first military zone in the Al-Qoton district, and the gunmen managed to get away,” the source said, requesting anonymity, as he was not authorized to brief the press.
“We suspect the gunmen belong to Al-Qaeda,” the source added.
Al-Qaeda has flourished in Yemen, as the country’s civil conflict shows no sign of waning.
Extremists of the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) remain active in the vast region of Hadramawt, where a number of the group’s leaders are based.
The US has intensified its controversial airattacks on AQAP, which it considers the global militant network’s most dangerous branch, since President Donald Trump took office in January.
Yemeni government has for years battled Houthi rebels allied …

Protests held outside Qatari Embassy in Washington

Protests held outside Qatari Embassy in Washington WASHINGTON: Dozens of people protested outside the Qatari Embassy in Washington on Wednesday following accusations of Doha’s support to terror.
The protesters in Washington, like others in Paris, London and elsewhere, demanded that Qatar stop policies they say have compounded the suffering of people under siege by militant groups in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.
Protesters listed terror groups and individuals that have been sanctioned by the international community but continue to find sanctuary in Qatar, including individuals complicit in terror attacks or who have provided ideological support to terror groups, such as Yusuf Qaradawi.
Embassy staff tried to placate protesters with water and dates.
Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have severed ties with Qatar and instituted various economic measures and travel restrictions.
They delivered a list of demands that Qatar must comply with to end the crisis and its isolation.