6 to die in Kuwait for raping disabled boy

6 to die in Kuwait for raping disabled boy

KUWAIT CITY: A Kuwaiti appeals court on Wednesday sentenced seven young men to death for the abduction and rape of a disabled 13-year-old boy, the victim’s lawyer said.
Ibrahim Al-Bathani told AFP that the court overturned a 10-year jail term handed in April by a lower court against the seven accused.
He said the seven defendants, ages 18-23, abducted the victim last September to a chalet where they sexually assaulted him.
The victim is a Kuwaiti citizen suffering from partial mental disability, the lawyer said. “This is a historic verdict,” Al-Bathani said.
The convicts, four Kuwaitis, a Yemeni, an Iraqi and a stateless person, filmed part of the rape and threatened to post it on social media if the boy spoke of his ordeal, Al-Bathani said.
The ruling is not final as the case must go to the Kuwaiti supreme court whose verdicts are final.

Source: ABC News

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