Shooting at Riyadh school kills two

Shooting at Riyadh school kills two

JEDDAH: Shooter of two teachers at the Kingdom Schools in north Riyadh this morning was previously dismissed from school due to anger issues, chairman of Kingdom Schools said in an official statement.
Talal Al-Maiman, CEO of Kingdom Holding and chairman of Kingdom Schools described the shooting as “a case of a disgruntled employee.”
“It is with regret that the administration building of Kingdom Schools witnessed this morning a shooting incident by an Arab national who was dismissed from the school four years ago on the basis of anger issues and an unstable personality,” Al-Maiman added.
According to school sources, a sectional head, who is a Palestinian died immediately and the other, teacher, a Saudi, died on admission to the nearby Kingdom Hospital. A worker, who was present at the time of the murder, was also injured.
The shooter is a former Iraqi Islamic studies teacher, local media has reported.
The schools’ chairman added in the statement that the situation at school “was contained” by mid-afternoon. School’s private security guards “followed established procedures” until the case was handed over to government authorities. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by the incident,” Al-Maiman stated.
US Mission in Saudi Arabia’s official Twitter account has posted a warning to avoid the area that has heavy police presence. The tweet that was posted around 2pm local time, states that “shooter still at school. School closed, no children present. Please avoid area,” before another tweet around 3:15pm local time stated: “Ongoing security incident at Kingdom School as of 3pm local time. Please avoid area due to heavy police presence.
Schools closed before Ramadan following a royal decree that stated that studies would be concluded before the beginning of the fasting month.
Riyadh Police Department has not issued a statement yet.

Source: ABC News

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