Two people were killed in a shooting inside a school in Riyadh

Two people were killed in a shooting inside a school in Riyadh

Special schools complex announced the Saudi capital killed two people and injured a third in a shooting inside the school Wednesday, when they were students.

Al maiman said Talal, Chairman of Kingdom schools operating school “sadly witnessed the building of the Kingdom schools this morning shooting incident by an Arab citizen expelled from school four years ago as a result of situations of wrath and unstable personality.”

Al maiman said to Reuters that the Saudis and Palestinians were killed in the accident, adding that the situation has been contained by midday, note that school closed with the start of the holiday a week ago.

Meanwhile, Interior Ministry spokesman that the “criminal situation” occurred, noting that Saudi capital police would issue a statement in more detail.

The media sources reported that the security services in Riyadh began investigating the killing of a private school headmaster killed North of Riyadh, a Palestinian American nationality and a teacher, as the nationality of the worker.

Conflicting information about the identity of the perpetrator and the motive, with an Iraqi teacher who flipped sources confirmed he was working in the school, and terminated his contract days before, noting that motivated his return to physical differences.

Us Embassy wrote tweeted on her Twitter where confirmed there were no casualties from the incident. She noted that the school was closed and empty of children, an advocate of avoiding school district, without giving more details.

And users of social networking sites sharing video they said it in front of the school, the proliferation of security patrols.

Kingdom holding company of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal owns Kingdom schools located north of Riyadh.

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